Friday, 1 June 2007

Climate Change

I was sceptical when I heard that George Bush was proposing a radical new initiative to tackle climate change. Having read his proposals I'm even more sceptical. America is suggesting a series of initiatives which will benefit American companies with no real commitment from the US to cleaning up it's act. It's a sham proposal, designed to do two things. First, Dubbya hopes it will derail the chances of progress at the G8 summit next week, and second he hopes it will take some of the pressure off him during the rest of his presidency. Sorry George, but you're wrong on both counts. You have been wrong on the environment from the start of your presidency, and it seems that you are going to end it the same way, still being wrong.

Climate change is the biggest single issue facing the world today. Everyone else can see it, but those in the American administration who are still pursuing their policy of grand imperialism are turning a blind eye. America needs to act, but for the sake of the world, not it's own trade balances.

As for Tony Blairs comment that this marks a major change in American policy, this just hows what a lapdog of Bush's he is. I have nothing but contempt for that man, who with Bush I view as a war criminal.