Friday, 13 June 2008

Inappropriate Comments

The leader of the council last week used a phrase in a meeting which was wholly inappropriate. He has however offered an unreserved apology for it and for any offence caused. I for one am happy to accept this and the matter should now be closed.

Initially it seemed that this would be the case. Our Tory opposition, having told the press that they were going to move a motion of no confidence, failed to do so and said that if a full apology was offered then as far as they were concerned the matter was closed. However it took just 48 hours for their lies to be exposed, after I received a call from the BBC asking me to appear on TV on Sunday to discuss the matter in opposition to the leader of the Tory group. Which I wonder is the bigger sin, the council leader making a comment in a meeting where no members of the public were present and for which he apologied unreservedly, or the dishonesty of the Conversatives who, having told everyone about the remark in the first place, then said that they accepted an apology and regarded the matter as closed but who then immediately stirred things up about it again.

I've always known not to trust the Tories and this just demonstrates so clearly why. A party with no morality is totally unfit to govern.