Sunday, 10 July 2011

Broxtowe Enews 10th July 2011

Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, the leader of the Liberal Democrats on Broxtowe Borough Council. A special welcome to the new readers that we have this week.

1. Typo’s

There were a couple of typing errors in last weeks newsletter, for which I apologise. First there was an error with the reference to wellington s, embarrassingly recreating a typing error which has occurred previously. I can’t even blame a rogue spell checker as they were typed on different PC’s. I think I will follow the advice off one reader who suggested that I stick to writing “boots” in the future.

More important was an error in the reference to the Broxtowe wardens. I wrote that they ran the shopmobiliity scheme, which is incorrect. I had meant to say that they helped the scheme, which would have been right. I’d like to apologise for any upset that this caused the shopmobility volunteers, and I certainly didn’t wish to dismiss the excellent service that they offer.

2. More on Wardens

Readers may recall that last week in the Nottingham Post (I’ve been gently told off in another blog this week for calling it the Evening Post. Guilty as charged.) the Conservatives were criticising the amount spent on wardens and saying that it does not cover the cost of the service. I was therefore very surprised at the council meeting on Wednesday when they called for more wardens to be recruited. This was a fairly quick U-turn.

3. High Speed Rail

Also at the council meeting on Wednesday was delighted to second a motion calling for support for the proposed high speed 2 rail line and for a station to be established in or around Broxtowe. This was supported unanimously by the council. S I said at the meeting the benefits that the line can bring to the East Midlands and to the north are massive, and we must ensure that we don’t allow the self-interest of a few council’s in the south of England to stop such a major development and opportunity for us.

4. Your Say on the NHS

A public meeting will be held in Stapleford on Tuesday 19th July from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at St Helen’s Church all where residents can meet members of the local patient participation group and have their say about how the NHS operates. You can register on or by ringing 01623 673333.

5. Future Building in the Borough

On Tuesday evening the cabinet at Broxtowe will take the next steps in deciding how and where future building in Broxtowe will take place. The council will have to decide on the policies it wants to take forward, something that we are seeking to do jointly with the other councils in Greater Nottingham. If the council agree to take things further then the next stage is for there to be a full public consultation. The proposed timetable for this in the council papers is over the summer holidays, and I will be proposing that this is extended into the autumn so that everyone gets a proper chance to have their say. If people want to read the report that is going to the council it is available at

6. County Council Children’s Centres

Notts County Council have announced that they will be retaining all 59 of their children centre’s across the county and that they will be seeking to expand the range of services that are available. I’m delighted to welcome this news. In an age of austerity it is good to see investment being made in our future.

7. Caretaker Vacancy

Trowell Parish Council are looking for a temporary relief caretaker for the parish hall, on a six month contract. Application forms can be obtained by ringing 0115 973 0713.

8. Independents Day

The Beeston Improvement District (which exists to improve trade in Beeston) has launched Independents day, a campaign to promote independent traders in the town centre. The aim is to stress the benefits that independent traders can bring. Further details are available from the BID team.

9. Nottingham Credit Union

Nottingham Credit Union, which has a base in the council offices in Broxtowe, have announced that they are now opening about 100 new accounts a month. The credit union provides a vital service and helps to provide options for people who might otherwise be unable to obtain credit or other services.

10. Newthorpe Road Works

Dawson Close in Newthorpe will be disrupted due to gas main works between Monday 11th July and 25th July.

11. Unemployment in Broxtowe

New figures have been released which show that there are currently 8.6 people in the borough claiming Jobseekers Allowance for every vacancy that there currently are at the Jobcentre plus. This is an increase from 6.6 people 12 months ago. These figures are obviously disappointing, but they do show why the council is right to deploy a significant amount of resources into job creation and business development.

12. Car Park Charges

The borough council is now starting the process of reviewing car park charges. The key questions are whether car park charges should be retained, and if so whether they should be applied universally or whether there should be different rates for different car parks. Whilst it would be very easy to say that we should just get rid of them if we do this we need to determine where we find the £300,000 that they generate for the council. We have always said that we would review the charges after they have been in operation for 12 months, and we are now doing this.

13. Lowes Estate Family Fun Day

The Lowes estate in Beeston will celebrate it’s family fun day next Saturday, 16th July, from midday to 4pm. There will be go-karting, bouncy castles and a barbecue.

14. New Homes in Eastwood

40 new houses have been built on the site of the old Moon and Stars pub in Eastwood, which has been derelict for many years. The houses are all being provided by a housing association and will significantly increase the amount of rented property available in the town.

15. Nottingham University Hotel

Nottingham University have confirmed that they are about to start work on building a hotel in University Park. I mention this solely because when the University built new student accommodation in Beeston a few years ago we did ask them why they weren’t looking to build in University Park and we were told that covenants on the land prevented them doing this. Clearly this wasn’t correct.

16. News of the World Controversy

I can’t lament the passing of the News of the World, and I hope that it will lead to Rupert Murdoch’s attempts to buy the rest of Sky TV being rejected. Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has also called for a change in the law to introduce better standards in the media. This is something I support, as I think that the standards of reporting in the national media have been appallingly low for many years. Quite how this can be accomplished though may be a difficult question to answer.

17. Pakistan Floods

A badminton tournament will be held at Chilwell Olympia on 17th July to raise money for the victims of the floods in Pakistan. The event runs from 11am to 6pm and costs £25 for teams of two. Bookings can be made by ringing 07814 104310.

As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter and any feedback is gratefully received.