Saturday, 1 October 2011

Broxtowe Enews 1st October 2011

Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, the leader of the Liberal Democrats on Broxtowe Borough Council. Can I give a special welcome to the new subscribers that we have this week. I had a lot of feedback from last weeks newsletter and I’m very conscious that haven’t been able to reply to everyone yet. Please bear with me and I’ll get to you.

1. New car park in Beeston

It is likely that the multi-story car park will be demolished early next year as part of the process to build the new tram system, and so the council are making arrangements to find alternative provision. We looked at this at the council’s cabinet this week and have made arrangements for a couple of sites to be looked at further, so that shoppers visiting Beeston will not be unduly inconvenienced.

In addition to these the council will be consulting on changes to other car parks. We’re looking at the possibility of introducing a three hour limit at Bramcote leisure centre (but with no charge) to stop commuters leaving their cars there all day. This should mean that there are more spaces available for people who actually use the centre, which should be a good thing. Also in Bramcote we’re looking at whether the King George’s park car park should be limited to a maximum to three hours. This should again stop people leaving their cars there all day, so that users of the park have more chance of getting parked.

These are consultations at the moment and so I’d be really interested to hear peoples views.

2. Housing proposals

The council are still consulting on proposals for new building in the borough. These are still simply ideas and no decisions have been taken, despite what has been suggested by other people. I’ve also seen suggestions on the Tory party web site that the council is wanting to build all over the green belt, which is not true. The map shown on that site is not a plan showing where the council wants to build, but simply a record of where people have made enquiries about building in the past. The last government required that councils kept this sort of information. The consultation period is due to end on Monday but any submissions made after that will still be taken into account.

I’ve met Anna Soubry this week to talk about the housing plans. I think that Anna’s basic position is similar to mine, that the green belt should be protected wherever possible, but I have told Anna that I am unhappy about the way that she has gone about things.

3. City Council Housing Plans

The city council is also looking at where they will allow new house building within their boundaries. One area that they have identified is around the Nottingham Business Park next to the A6002. Their proposals would mean that new houses could be built stretching right down to the edge of Strelley Village, which is a conservation area. There is a little bulge where the border of the city crosses the A6002, and the city have decided to try and fill this full of houses. Their plans have no real impact on the city but will cause untold damage to the borough. I will be pressing for the borough to oppose these plans.

4. Sporting heroes

The Broxtowe Borough Sports Review will take place on 4th December, and the organisers are looking for nominations for the boroughs sporting heroes. These will be people who devote time in the borough to coaching, volunteering or participating in sport. Nominations can be made by ringing 0115 917 3572.

5. Ebooks from the Library

Users of the libraries in Nottingham will now be able to download ebooks from the library web site at This will make books available to those who are unable to visit the library in person, but each download does cost £1. I hope that this new service will be successful.

6. Black Bin Collections

The announcement from Eric Pickles that the government wanted councils to return to weekly black bin collections came completely from the Tory side and was nothing to do with the Lib-Dems, who have already announced their opposition to it. It also flies in the face of the Governments much cherished localism agenda, where they say that they will give local councils the freedom to do what they want to with their money. The announcement that Mr Pickles made was that the Government will give councils an extra £250 million, but only where they agree to return to a weekly black bin collection.

If the Government have £250 million to give away then councils will very happily find a use for it, but we should have the freedom to use it in the way which most benefits local residents. All the research says that where weekly bins are reintroduced recycling rates drop, which is something that we should avoid where possible.

7. Fire at Albany Court

As people may have seen on the TV this week, there was a fire at Albany Court in Stapleford where the fire service needed to rescue people from one of the flats. Once again I find myself in awe of the bravery of these people, and it’s thanks to them that no-one was hurt.

8. Bramcote Lib-Dems

If you’re a Bramcote resident and a supporter of the Liberal Democrats why not join us for a meeting this Monday, 3rd October. It starts at 7.30pm and is at 8 Cranston Road, the home of Cllr Stan Heptinstall. All supporters are welcome to attend.

9. Stapleford Walk In Centre

Sadly the walk in centre is now shut, meaning that one of the best medical facilities anywhere in the region is no longer around. The Lib-Dems have led the campaign against the closure and we are really disappointed that it hasn’t succeeded. All the Lib-Dem councillors in Stapleford worked really hard on this, and we’d like to thanks everyone for the tremendous support that they gave us.

10. Goose fair

Just a reminder that the Goose Fair is on this week, running from Wednesday until Sunday. There will be extra bus and tram services put on, and parking around the site itself is very limited. If you’re going have a great time.

As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter and any feedback is gratefully received.