Sunday, 7 July 2013

Broxtowe Enews 7th July 2013

Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, the leader of the Lib-Dems on Broxtowe Borough Council. May I give a special welcome to the new readers that we have this week.

1. Grass Cutting Petition
Thank you to everyone who has signed this petition. My colleagues Stan Heptinstall and Jacky Williams will be presenting the petition to the County Council at their meeting on 11th July 2013. At the Bramcote CAT meeting last week the County Council did attend and accepted that something had gone wrong, but significantly they would not guarantee to employ the same number of people that the borough council did. The borough council employed 8 people to do the job, the County Council were trying to do it with three.

2. Spending Review
Last week the Government announced that money for local government was to be cut by 10%. Over the years that the Liberal Democrats have been involved in running the council in Broxtowe we have gradually made it more and more efficient (for instance we only employ a little over half the staff that we did ten years ago) but we have always maintained the full range of council services that we provided. It’s fair to say now though that there is little excess left to cut. Accordingly the Liberal Democrats would like your views about where the council’s priorities should be.  We have created a survey on our web site at and I’d encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to complete it. If you do make the time – thank you.

3. Tennis Courts
Following the news last week about the refurbished tennis courts at Queen Elizabeth II Park in Stapleford local residents have contacted me to see if anything can be done about the courts on Beeston Fields Park. I’ve spoken to local councillor Steve Carr about this and we will be looking to see if we can put funding together  to do this. I’ve also suggested to the council that to mark Andy Murray’s wonderful victory today (I’m a bit hoarse from shouting at the telly) that we should provide free or reduce rate sessions for local children. I don’t know if this will be possible but it’s worth exploring.

4. Beeston Maltings
Despite efforts to save it Beeston Maltings was demolished (for the most part) last year. Now a display of images of the building, put together by the Beeston Civic Society, is on at the library on Foster Avenue. The exhibition runs through the summer, although I confess that I don’t have the exact dates.

5. Bramcote Lib-Dems Garden Party
Bramcote Liberal Democrats are holding a garden party at 8 Cranston Road, Bramcote, on Friday 19th July from 7.30pm. All friends and supporters of the Liberal Democrats are welcome to attend. The event is free but there will be a plate for donations.

6. Anna Soubry
Despite regular rumours over the last three years that she was going to decamp to Rushcliffe Broxtowe Conservatives have confirmed that Anna Soubry MP will be their candidate at the next general election. The Labour Party are currently selecting their candidate at the Liberal Democrats will do so early next year. I have already told the party, and repeated publicly, that having stood at the last three elections, which has been a real privilege for me, I do not intend to stand next time and so we will have a new candidate for 2015.

7. Toton Lane Closure
Toton Lane in Stapleford is to be closed for resurfacing work between Eatons Road and Brookhill Street (i.e. from the middle of Stapleford to the top of the hill) between 12th and 25th August this year. That coincides with when Nottingham Railway Station is closed and with the tram work as well this may cause some difficulties. I suspect a significant amount of work was deliberately targeted for the summer holidays when there is less traffic on the roads but south Broxtowe seems to be getting a lot of challenges this year.

8. Stapleford Local History Society
The next meeting of Stapleford Local History Society will take place on Wednesday 10th July. The theme is “Feeding the English Country House” and the meeting, at the Maycliffe Hall in Stapleford, will start at 7.30pm.

9. Nuthall Graveyard
Nuthall Parish Council this week laid flat about 50 headstones in the graveyard there. The council explained that this was for health and safety reasons, although it has clearly caused distress to many local residents. The leader of the parish council apparently authorised the work as they viewed the work as being urgent. I’m sure that more information about this will become available in due course and I will report it when I have it.

10. A52 Bus Lane
I read this week that Nottingham City have now collected more than £1 million in fines from people driving in the bus lanes. By contrast there was a very interesting report this week from the police about their operations against people driving on the bus lane along the A52 from the Sherwin Arms to Priory Island. Whereas the early operations were catching about 20 drivers a time they last two operations have stopped 7 and then 3 drivers respectively. It seems that people are learning that driving in the bus lanes is not allowed.

11. Kimberley Town Council Fun Weekend
Kimberley Town Council have organised a fun weekend July 13/14th? It has a seaside theme with lots of attractions.   Kimberley Town Council are also in the process of producing a quarterly newsletter, its aim being to inform residents of future events and projects being undertaken by the Council.

12. Free Trees
The Woodland Trust are offering free trees to not for profit community groups. Broxtowe Borough Council have for a number of years worked to increase the number of trees in the borough and so I’m very happy to support this initiative. Applicants must have space to plant the trees and people to plant them. Applicants must be submitted by 13th September and more details are available by ringing 01476 581135.

13. Survey on Children With Special Needs
Notts County Council is running a survey amongst parents of children with special needs or with disabilities to identify the services that they need and how they can access support. If this includes you please give five minutes to complete the survey at

14. Totally Local
Efforts are being made in Eastwood to launch a Totally Local campaign. The aim of the campaign is to promote local businesses and it is being organised by Elaine Harrison from the Eats and Treats CafĂ©.  More details are available by ringing 07877 263370.

15. Quiz The Police
Notts Police will be holding a an open meeting for the public to quiz them about policing in Beeston. This will take place at the Town Hall, Foster Avenue on Tuesday July 23rd at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Best wishes

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