Sunday, 11 May 2014

Broxtowe Enews 11th May 2014

Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, the leader of the Lib-Dems on Broxtowe Borough Council. May I give a special welcome to the new readers that we have this week. I’m delighted to say that I am writing this sat in my own living room. Regular readers may recall that last November my house flooded but yesterday, just four days less than six months after the flood, we were able to move back home.

1.       Beeston and Chilwell Garden Trail
The Beeston and Chilwell Garden Trail 2014 will be taking place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June from 1.00p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on both days. 14 gardens will be open, including some new ones. Tickets cost £3.50 per person which covers both days and children are free. All proceeds go to charity. Tickets can be purchased in any of the gardens. Flyers are available in local venues and full details can be found on the website

2.       Hope Into Action
Hope into Action is a national charity for the homeless which is opening a home in Beeston. A three bedroomed house has been purchased to help people get off the streets and back into more normal society. This has been funded by the incredible generosity of twelve local church goers who have each donated £10,000 to fund the purchase. They deserve to be warmly thanked for their actions.

3.       Tram Petition
Our MP, Anna Soubry, organised a petition calling on the County Council to provide aid for shops hit by the tram works. This was supported by Liberal Democrat and Conservative County Councillors. The petition has been signed by over 3,000 local residents and will be presented to the County Council at a meeting on Thursday.

4.       Promotional  Video’s
Broxtowe Borough Council have been working with media students from Nottingham Trent University to produce a series of promotional video’s. Three have been produced, covering glass recycling, the Helpful Bureaux in Stapleford and responsible dog ownership. These can be seen at

5.       Nuthall War Memorial
Broxtowe Borough Council have agreed to provide a grant to Nuthall Parish Council to help create Nuthall’s first outdoor war memorial. However the Parish Council are still appealing for more funds to complete the project. If you would like to help please contact the parish clerk, Sue Stack, on 0115 951 5717.

6.       Stapleford Community Safety Event
There will be an event at Hickings Lane Recreation Ground on Wednesday 28th May from 2pm to 4pm where residents can raise issues with the police, fire brigade and local councillors. Free cycle servicing and bike security measures are also available. For more information ring the borough council on 917 3625.

7.       Speeding Motorists
New figures released this week showed that last year 73.946 people were caught speeding in Nottinghamshire, which works out at more than 150 people a day. This is the figure for people caught by speed camera’s, and so on top of this there will be those who were caught by police officers as well.

8.       Ambulance Service Staff
Over the last few months I have highlighted a number of problems which have been reported about East Midlands Ambulance Service. Now figures have been released which show that the number of EMAS staff off sick with stress has trebled over the past five years, so that last year there were 217 incidents which led to a total of 48,156 working days being lost to stress. Low morale amongst the staff is being blamed for the figures.

9.       Dog micro-chipping
Broxtowe pet owners will be able to get their dogs microchipped free of charge at Coronation Park in Eastwood on Thursday 29th May from 9.30 until 11.30 a.m. No booking is necessary and owners are able to simply turn up.

10.   Beeston Bus Station
A disagreement has broken out between the borough and county council’s over the future of Beeston bus station. A new transport exchange is being built as part of the tram works, and officers of the borough council want to close the old bus station when the new one opens so that we can get on with developing the area as a new shopping centre, but the County Council want to keep the old bus station open for some time to ensure that there are no teething troubles with the new interchange first. A decision will be taken by the borough council’s cabinet on Tuesday.

11.   Good Neighbour
Congratulations to Kimberley resident Jeff Buck for winning the Nottingham Post good neighbour award for this year. Jeff is the motivational force behind Rumbletums in Kimberley, as well as the local branch of the Nottingham Credit Union and his award is richly deserved.

12.   WEA
Following on from the last item, the Kimberley branch of the WEA is re-launching at an event at Rumbletums on Wednesday 18th June (7.30pm). This will be an illustrated talk on the recent history of Kimberley by Roy Plumb, Kimberley resident and local historian. The event takes place during national Adult Learners' Week and will herald the start of a new push to promote and facilitate adult learning in Kimberley and the surrounding area through WEA courses.

13.   Eastwood Housing Application
A planning application has been submitted to the borough council to demolish part of the Great Northern Road Industrial estate in Eastwood and replace it with housing. This would include a number of low cost and starter homes. The council will decide on this in due course.

14.   Newark
You may be aware that I have been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Newark by election. I’m deeply humbled to have been granted this honour by the party and I’m looking forward to an interesting campaign. For the next four weeks I’ll be combining campaigning in Newark with my role as a local councillor for Bramcote.

As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Best wishes

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